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Different Types of Call Centers

pic2When you are in search for hiring or establishing a call center, it is vey important for one to know the type of service is demanded by the business. In general we can say that there are 3 types of Call Centers which provides different services. So to establish a call center one must have full knowledge about the types of call center and the work that can be done by it, this will surely help you choose the correct one for the best of the business. But they all are Call centers so they have many things in common such as answering to the calls, talking the messages, booking the orders, give technical support, set correct appointments and many more, so the difference lies in the type of services that you need to offer to the customers which is best for the business. So let us see the different types of services of the call centers:

  1. Answering services Call centers:

These are generally small call centers which do not require a very big infrastructure and their range of agents can differ from 5 agents to 5o agents at a stretch. More over the shifts are equally divided in the 24 hours circle so that the agents are available 24 x 7 for the customer service. When every a call comes it is automatically transferred to the active call center agent so that it can be handled perfectly and all the queries of the customer can be resolved during the call. All the working stations computers are equipped with specific software’s that possess the required functions during the call of the customers and generally in the call center world it is known as a Dialer. These software’s are made to handle all the possible work that can be required during the call such as; sharing information, sending messages, e-mails, fax and many more. These answering services call centers are very beneficial for the Doctors, Contractors, Real State Companies or any of the small companies that needs to grow in the market.

  1. Small Call Centers:

The Small Centers are very similar to the Answering Call Centers as nearly all the services offered by the call centercall-center

are same in terms of generating good business. The main difference that lies in between these two is the number of call center agents working and the space required to establish one. The Small call centers have the agent capacity from 20 agents to 100 working agents at once, and for this you need t have sufficient space so that you can accumulate every individual with their work stations without any problem. In these Small Call centers proper amount of training is given to the agent, so that they can handle the customers in the best way possible.

  1. Large/Big Call Centers:

These Big Call Centers have the capacity of accumulating from some 100’s to many 1000’s. The Big Call Centers are mainly sales oriented and established to give better growth to the business of the company. I need a bigger infrastructure and more over the agent in the Big Call Centers are well trained and polished before going live on the calls, so that they can easily generate business form every customer call they handle. nummerinformatiedienst is a call center where you can inform about telephone number (in Dutch: telefoonnummer opvragen).